scenering jam session: preproduction day 01

ImageWhen I´m angry & frustrated I need let go a lot of energy. The best method I know is do it in a creative way. Yeah, due boring several reasons my frustration level is at its top, so I’ve decided to push myself into a strange-alike-jazz-jam-session but “à la scenery design”.

The idea is stop for a while LEMT´s development (I need step back little from it) and gimme 7 days to make a little scenery. Yep, you have heard correctly: to make an scenery in 7 days. Obviously it won’t be at the same complexity level that LEMT but I want to challenge myself to make something more interesting than to put some objects from a library over a orthophoto.

So this week I’m going to make a preproduction task: I want to collect all the possible references from a small airstrip, all the inspirational photos and videos, testing some methods with several scenery design tools, and the next week, close the door of my room until I get an interesting location for FS.

Briefly, I want to challenge my texturing/modelling skills and all the learned knowledge in the last year under over-stress deadline.

I have two candidates: Packwood (55s) or a remake from Georender´s classic: Flying M Ranch (OR05) (BTW why did he left us behind??? He was the best! I don´t forget his terrific platform´s texture in Emma Field. I spent so many hours studying it).

And now, I need to study carefully which will be the choose one. Tomorrow, the solution.


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