Preproduction day 02: references

Although my heart asks me to re-make Flying M Ranch, I’ve decided finally to choose Packwood. The reason is I have more information of this small airport and I undertaken a commitment with this location: In 2006 I tried make this scenery for fs9 but due the lack of time, references and knowledge I was no able to finish it.

In this first stage I’m searching references, not only images but also videos in youtube. And I’m amazed because there are several good examples:

Landing at Packwood (55S) by andyw248

Landing at Packwood, Washington by kodiak68jones 

Cessna 170 wheel landing Packwood by fishdoc55 

At the same time I´m checking the quality of the orthophotos from NAIP program. They are a little outdated (2009 and 2011) and they will need a deep color retouch but I hope that won’t be too much problematic.

The main drawbacks are the two hangars. As it happened to me in 2007 I am not finding photos or references. Nor the buildings around the airport. Streetview only shows Packwood´s main street (great source for some small buildings) but nothing from the airport surroundings 😦 I will try to contact with the authors of the videos).

More tomorrow: vectorial resources!


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