Preproduction day 03: vector quest.

Today I’ve found some interesting sources for vector data:

The first one: a vegetation classification of Gilford Pinchot National Forest:

I will have to process it to use it as autogen (what kind of trees and all that stuff). As far I can see the main class is Hemlock trees. There is no a lot of diversity.

Although I have not yet a way to distribute it, maybe I will play, a little, generating my own custom tree textures.

I’ve found information about streets and roads from openstreetmaps and USGS but I haven’t checked them yet. I will use it to generate a mask in photoshop for the nocturnal texture. In this way I will gain an extra time generating that variation.

The downside of the day: I have not found yet any hangars reference, so I’m afraid that I will have to create “an interpretation” of them.


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