Challenge day 02: nite textures and autogen

Yesterday I could not work on the scenery (RL matters) but today I´ve tried to hurry up and I’ve finished the night and spring variation and…

…I´ve started to put the autogen:

As you can see, the most representative buildings (the hotel, Industrial area…) haven´t autogen model because I want to make a small library with my own lowpoly models. 

Tomorrow I will make the textures for the building autogen, a little experiment with vegetation autogen and grass, the watermask and some flatten stuff.  


2 thoughts on “Challenge day 02: nite textures and autogen

  1. In a previous blog post, “Preproduction day 03: vector quest.” you mention using some vector data to process autogen trees, as well as creating a mask for the night variation of the orthoimagery. Can you provide some more detail on your workflow regarding that?

  2. Briefly (sorry I have not enough time to make a tutorial). For the autogen vegetation I use QGis to reproject the forestry data into WGS84 and then I generate the autogen using Arno Gerretsen’s scencProc. This process is perfect for big forest areas but not for urban zones because the source data have not the enough resolution, so I’ll do it by hand. For the nocturnal textures I use Qgis too. I export the vector data into bitmap and later I use it in photoshop as mask to simulate nocturnal light.

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