Challenge day 03: playing with autogen

Beside having finished the watermask, today I’ve started to make the texture of autogen buildings (using googleEarth as reference to create my own ones) but the most important (and fun) task has been some test with the autogen vegetation:

(some custom autogen models without textures. No library objects has been used).

As I said before, I can’t distribute this testing because I have not the enough C++ skills to make an installer for this kind of feature. This method consists to add my own autogen models to the fsx. To do that, I must decompile the .spb file which contains the default autogen data into a .xml file, and then add my models. Finally recompile the modified xml into .spb again. To avoid conflicts with the default autogen and other installed addons, the ideal scenario it would be to make it automatically but sadly this task it´s not feasible to me.

As you can see in the screenshot, the autogen trees are not flat as the default ones, they are 3D lowpoly models, adding a lot of more depth and realism to the scenery without any lack of performance.

To generate the textures I´m using the Blender´s tree addon and late I baked them into a low poly object:

As you can imagine, it´s not a easy way and It requires a lot of texturing work to get the final texture.


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