Challenge day…oh…feck…

It seems more complex to work seven straight days than to make the scenery itself.

Daily affairs™ did not let me enough time to work on the scenery, and I think in the next weeks neither. So, again, the weight of reality falls over me in all his glory.

Frustration +10


Not very productive weekly recap

Yep, this week has been a little frustrated. I lost a lot of time because some problems with the shadows and trying to solve it making several experiments. I hope to find some solution next week..

Anyway, here comes a little screenshot (I was testing the perfomance with the autogen at full right)

30 frames! f´yeah!… oh wait who are you????

Now some sceneries news: this week the orbx´s Bella Coola has been released. Very impresive scenery, really. I love the Russell White´s texture work. It is a truly piece of art. I tell you, if you love to simulate bush flying what the …are you looking this?, go ahead and buy it! And don´t forget to touch´n´go for me chaps, sadly my savings are “quarentined” so I don´t know when I could enjoy it :’ (

And very impressive too the next scenery from FSDreamteam: CVYR with those dynamic shadows, those speculars… oh men… it´s so sad to be poor with all these impressive releases.

(listening: Matt Berry´s “so low”)